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‘Friends’ marathon

Gang up with your closest buddies this Sunday to feast on a special Friendship Day treat on Star World. Don’t miss the Star World presents Friendship Day Special Marathon with Friends on August 1 between 12 noon and 3 pm. Based on the theme ‘My Friends, My Family’, Star World will air six of the most enjoyable episodes of the series which celebrate the spirit of friendship. Relive many episodes including the one where Joey and Chandler babysit Ross’ son and play family to him.

Lesson in history

FOX History & Entertainment recently announced the launch of the second season of its biggest nationwide school engagement programme, My City My History. Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer and social activist launched the initiative. The initiative encourages school children to highlight the lesser known historical treasures of their respective cities and in the process discover multiple aspects of their rich heritage. My City My History will reach out to over 10 lakh children from all 28 states in India covering over 1000 schools. The final national winners will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their city and its history on FOX History & Entertainment.

Studying ocean habitats

In today’s episode of Blue Planet check out the behind-the-scenes look of the show. The episode concentrates on how the filmmakers worked together with scientific advisors from practically every field of marine science. In nearly 200 locations around the world, this episode follows the crews as they tackle some of the most difficult filming ever undertaken. The Making of Blue Planet journeys through eight different ocean habitats from the frozen seas of the polar regions to the deepest depths and the widest stretches of open ocean. Watch the episode on Discovery Channel at 9 pm.