Discrepancy discovered in managing hostels

RTI provides dark information about BCM Department

Discrepancy discovered  in managing hostels

He had paid a surprise visit to various hostels in the City on Saturday. Utilising the Right to Information Act (RTI), he checked the records and brought to light the cases of discrepancy.
Speaking before the media, Dr Chowdareddy said that this is the first instance of corruption of such level in the taluk.

Information on the amount drawn by the BCM Department, from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010, was got using the RTI. When Dr Chowdareddy visited the hostels with this information in hand, he discovered the misuse of funds.

Materials not given

Vessels have been provided to 10 hostels with funds worth Rs 95 thousand per hostel. Sports equipment too were supplied at the same rate per hostel. The senior leader, however, discovered on Saturday that no hostel had either sports equipment or cooking vessels.

The wardens of the hostels themselves confessed in front of the Taluk Panchayat Executive Officers that the condition was so. They confirmed that they had no information regarding supply of sports equipment or cooking vessels.

Funds were also set aside for solar lamps. While the lamps cost less than Rs 14,000, the money disbursed was Rs 96,000 per lamp. In this instance too, the solar lamps have not been supplied to the hostels.

The lamps that have been provided in reality are nothing more than a bulb attached to a small pipe and a battery, but made to resemble a solar lamp. About 10 such lamps have been put up spending Rs 9.6 lakhs.

There is also no security guard for any of the hostels. But Executive Officer Nagappa visited the hostels and promised to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the matter.

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