The quicksilver of the silver screen

The quicksilver of the silver screen

Smart: Shreyas Talpade

When it comes to Bollywood, one can choose to be either a good actor or a commercially viable hero. Like, Aamir Khan, who is the only one who has struck a balance between the two, Shreyas Talpade also has been able to drive home the point that he can be a great actor and at the same time, a commercially viable hero too. Iqbal, Dor,  Dil Dosti Etc, Welcome to Sajjanpur were films that couldn’t be particularly called as big budget films; neither did these have the creme de la creme of Bollywood as their star cast. But Shreyas was critically appreciated for his performance.

At the same time, Shreyas started appealing to the masses along with classes and critics with films like Om Shanti Om, Apna Sapna Money Money and Golmaal Returns. And the best part about his career is the fact that he has won so much critical accolade right when he started, when most actors first make a name commercially and then go for the critical appreciation. He is still getting the best of both the worlds and has to thank his own malleability that has him playing to the multiplex goers as much as for the front benchers.

Given his impressive body of work, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that he is being sought after by the makers, big time, though the actor has chosen to be extremely selective. He signs only those projects that will take him a step further in the race and at the same time do justice to his name as a good actor. His forthcoming films are Hook Ya Crook, Aashayein, Paying Guests, Aage Se Right, Seasons Greetings and Click, all a mixed bag of big and small, commercial and critical films. Shreyas likes playing the quicksilver of the silver screen. And why not, it's this perfect balance that will see him to the finish line, after all!

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