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Entrance to Shanthi Nagar towards Yellamma Dasappa Hospital presents a horrid and filthy spectacle because of the heaps of garbage.Garbage heap at vacant site

I regularly travel to Shanthi Nagar and I’ve noticed that the entrance to Shanthi Nagar towards Yellamma Dasappa Hospital from the Double Road side presents a horrid and filthy spectacle because of the heaps of garbage thrown at a vacant site. Several representations to the Corporation has not yielded any result. It has become a health hazard as number of stray dogs abound in this area with eateries existing side by side.

The name Shanthi Nagar seems to have become a misnomer. Will the authorities take note of this and take necessary action?

C G Narasimhan

Choked drains, a menace

The rain/ surface water drain running across 6th, 7th and 8th Cross of BTM Bilekahalli, Dollar Layout, is completely choked, causing floods on 6th, 7th, and 8th Cross roads.

Consequently, water enters most of the houses abutting the drain. An apartment located on 6th Cross is letting out sewage water into this drain. One of the reasons for flooding is that this drain is not properly terminated to a bigger drain at the 8th Cross.

This needs to be attended to immediately.

The follow-up on the above subject has been going on since 1998 through Bilekahalli, Dollar Layout, Residents’ Association without any agency owning up or bothering to attend to this problem.

M S Ramaswamy
BTM Bilekahalli

Unhygienic conditions

This is about the Wheeler Road/ North Road junction. Garbage from surrounding areas is brought and dumped here constantly but the collecting and the removal process has been irregular. 

This is causing an unbearable stench bothering the residents in surrounding areas,  ultimately causing airborne diseases. 

To add to it, at the three corners of the footpath, there are unauthorised food vendors making the place Unhygienic.

Alice Matthew
Wheeler Road

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