Lee heads to India to pursue musical dreams

Lee, who retired from Test cricket due to a string of injury breakdowns, will be in India later this month to perform with his new band called 'White Shoe Theory' with his friend Mick Vawdon.

They have been booked for eight shows in India so far, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' reported.

"Our musical influence would be Crowded House and bands similar to that," explained Lee.
"Mick is the lead singer and he has a great voice. We've known each other for years and he's been singing for a long time. I do the back-up vocals and play the bass," he said.
Lee and Vawdon will also release an album of their songs after the live performances.
"Jimmy Barnes is a friend and we told him about what we were doing and he said straight away that we could use his recording studio," Lee said.
"That in itself was a thrill and we are happy with the way the tracks are sounding," he added.

Lee is also a part of an Australian band 'Six And Out' and the pacer insisted he has not ditched them.
"I'd love for music to be my future - who doesn't want to be a rock star," Lee said.
"It is my passion, no doubt about that. I've always joked that I was a musician who used his sport to prop himself up but this could be a real chance to make a go of things," he added.

"The single I was involved with in India four years ago went to No.1, but that was done in half an hour. This stuff is more serious. I suppose it will depend on what kind of a reaction we get in India and then here when we put our songs out."

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