Amma explaining Karma


Understanding how it works requires faith not intellectual analysis. According to Mata Amritanandamayi:

"It is a mystery known only to the Creator. If you have faith, you believe; otherwise, you deny it. Whether you believe in it or not, the fruits come, the law of karma operates. But do not try to analyse how and why, because the cycle of karma is as mysterious as God. Karma too is beginning less but it ends when one drops the ego, when one attains the state of Self Realisation."

 "Man," Amma explains, "evolves into God. Every human being is essentially God. Evolution from man to God is a slow process. It requires a lot of cutting, polishing and remolding. It needs a lot of work and requires immense patience. It cannot be done in a hurry. Revolution is fast but it kills and destroys. Man is revolutionary; God is evolutionary."

 In other words, all life in this universe moves in cycles. Like the seasons, each has its place and time. The sun shines every day, the moon waxes and wanes. While these are facts, there is a profound mystery behind those facts: the invisible power of God. Instead of analysing that power with our limited human intelligence, it is better to surrender, trust and worship that power.

The power of Karma veils our real nature, while at the same time; it creates the urge to realise the Truth. It helps us go back to our real existence. The circle of Karma is a great transformer if you have the eyes to see it. It lets us know the great message: 'This life of yours is the effect of the past. Therefore, beware; your actions in the present determine your future. If you do good, you will be rewarded accordingly, but if you commit mistakes and perform evil actions, such actions will return with equal strength. And to the true spiritual seeker, the great message says: 'It is better if you can stop the circle completely. Close the account and be free forever.'"

  Amma explains how this can be accomplished: "One can easily overcome one's karma through the Grace of A Sadguru. Obey the instructions given by a Perfect Master and you will emerge victorious from all trials and tribulations.

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