10 kg tumour removed from woman in Bangalore hospital

According to `The Cradle', the hospital where the surgery was carried out, the woman had delivered a baby 18 months ago. She mistook the "weight gain" as a post-pregnancy phenomena and tried many ways to reduce the `weight'. The lady also joined a weight loss programme at one of the slimming centres in the city to reduce the `flab'.

When none of these worked, she underwent a medical check, where the massive ovarian tumour was detected. Dr Prakash Kini, senior obsterician and gynaecologist, who detected the tumour, said "The tumour is more than a baby's weight--it is almost like she delivered triplets".

"These ovarian tumours are relatively uncommon and normally present themselves at an early stage. This woman to have presented the tumour at such a late stage is very very uncommon", he said.

Dr Kishore Kumar, CEO and MD of the hospital, said the tumour is believed to have grown after delivery. It is very rare that tumours develop this fast to such a size, he said. Usually tumours detected are around 500 gms or less than a kg. The woman had not felt any pain and hence did not suspect she had a tumour and dismissed the `swelling' on her abdomen as weight gain. The surgery was performed on Monday and the patient is doing fine now, the hospital said.

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