No 'backpack' for school children please!

Schools have reopened, and it is a wonderful sight to see tiny tots go to schools. However, the use of 'backpack' must be barred. In the long run, children will have problems in their backs which they could  carry into  their adult lives.
The medical professionals should advise parents and school authorities on the after- effects of using heavy 'backpacks'. In fact, the backpack was an invention for those who go trekking for setting their hands free to climb a mountain. It is unfortunate that the backpack has become the only 'bag' to carry school/college books.
Children, especially tiny tots, should  not be overloaded with backpacks. Parents purchase large backpacks thinking that it will last for long.  Sometimes the bag is bigger than the child!
This is cruel and definitely harmful to the spine of a child.

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