New faces flaunt new attitudes

Reverse Impact

New faces flaunt new attitudes

Perfect Blend : Band members of Reverrrse Polarity. DH PHOTO BY B K JANARDHAN

Spend an hour with the band members of Reverrse Polarity, the newest Hardcore Metal band, that’s barely a year old, and you’ll find that you would have extended your dictionary of abuses with a lot more of new F and B words. For it seemed as though the members just couldn’t stay away from dropping abusive words between every other beat.

The gang though swears by its music and says that there’s no other band that even matches up to their wavelength. Trying hard to ignore the nasty language, they conversed in, we probed them about their music. What genre they choose to flavour their pieces? What inspires them to write the music they do? Reverrse Polarity is the winners of Channel [V] Launchpad III.

“We write and tune music for Gen Y and we talk about issues such as love, lust, relationships, women and sex in our pieces,” explained Gaurav Kataria, the vocalist.
They said their music is a straight-paced one with a lot of emotion and the rest is left to interpretation. Among their original compositions is a piece on love and lust where the feeling of love is lost in lust. Another song titled, Toons strike Tragedy, talks about how cartoons affect child and can have a reverse effect on their psyche. Explaining why he penned the lyrics Jordan Veigas, the bassist said: “Imagine a child who wants to try the same stunts like Superman would perhaps go atop a tall building and try to jump off it just like Superman does, he or she will die. That’s the tragedy of cartoons.”

They have also written out a song on how these so called politicians misuse the powers to their advantage. “What good have these motherf***** done for our country?” asked Gaurav.

Another song called Cross Poly Nation written by Guarav is about how everything done and said in our country finally boiled down to sex. “Tell me if two people didn’t f*** would I be here?” questioned Gaurav. He confessed he hated some things about India that seemed warped.

The band said their philosophy was to disseminate positive energy among the young and their baseline of coming together was “solely” to have fun.

While the band members seemed intoxicated and mesmerised by their own music and seemed to be so full of themselves, it had be noted that the boys were well aware of issues that affected the young and have done well in conveying the same in their pieces. 

But what these Gen Y young men need to learn is how to change according to situations and not flaunt their attitude and language to all and sundry, especially women. 

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