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Load shedding schedule

To make the life of the common man a little easier, each area should be notified on the load-shedding schedule so that the citizens could complete at least some of the chores when there is power.

Though unscheduled power cuts may not go away soon, the load-shedding schedule at least gives some idea when the power is on and that the citizens could plan their day properly. It is hoped that the BESCOM will take note of the request for load shedding schedule.

D B N Murthy

Stop Superbug scare

The news report about the new Superbug is scary and misleading. It gives the impression that there is only one superbug and that has originated from India. In fact, that is precisely what the British researchers want every one to believe when they named it New Delhi.

The recent heavy influx of medical tourists to this country has really upset the medical industry in UK and Europe. This study is a deliberate attempt to wean those tourists away from India by creating a scare among them. Many superbugs are known to be existing for several years in the developed countries.

They have not been named after any country or city in Europe. Then, why name this bacteria as New Delhi? WHO should step in and put things in proper perspective with respect to this controversy and initiate action for controlling the indiscriminate use of antibiotics which produces such superbugs.

VVS Mani

BMTC harassing senior citizens

BMTC is forcing senior citizens who already have a Senior Citizen Identity card to purchase another Bangalore City Transport Department ID card by paying an additional amount of Rs 50/-.  

I was harassed while travelling from Hanumanthnagar to Vidhana Soudha.  I was asked to get down at K G Road to face an inspector who treated me like passenger without ticket.

BMTC must honour the Senior Citizen pass issued by Government instead of harassing them to purchase one more ID card issued by them.

BS Ganesh
Basappa Layout

Library awareness march

Our governor flagged off a march to create library awareness. But, unfortunately neitherrnor nor the minister-in-charge are really aware of the miserable conditions of few public libraries in the city.

I am a regular visitor to the Government library at South end circle and also at Srinivasnagar. It is pitiful to see the way it is being maintained. The cupboards are full with all old, soiled, bounded books stacked in jumbled way without segregation. New books worth lakhs are lying in gunny bags for months despite having dozens of staff sitting and talking.

Several complaints to the librarian went in vain. The same is the fate of another library at Srinivasnagar. A reader has to struggle to search for the book he wants from the heaps.

PV Tantry

Dark Days to continue

The total mismanagement of power situation by KPC has led to 3 to 5 hour load shedding daily.

Though BESCOM announced that power cut would be between 6 am to 6 pm, in practice it is resorting to one hour power cut at night also.

We are told that though sufficient quantity of coal is being supplied to RTPS, wet coal is the problem. As pointed out by its MD no investment has been made for additional powerr the years in the State. We are fed with assurances by politicians, but ground situation is hardly optimistic.

K Srinivasan

Lead kindly light

It is heartening to see that the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and the social activist Anna Hazare have joined hands to cleanse the Indian political system. Millions of the countrymen are fed up with the present political system managed by a nexus between the corrupt politicians and the criminal under world. But, they don’t know how to get rid of these politicians who by using their money and muscle power perpetuate their stranglehold on the people. Given proper leadership like those during the freedom struggle, they are ready to fight for and usher in the second independence- independence from poverty, ignorance, religious bigotry and intolerance. Please lead kindly light!

Raji Mani

Are we ‘Independent?’

On the occasion of India’s 64th Independence Day my question is, “Are we really independent?” And the answer I get from within is a big ‘NO.’ We are dependent on corrupt babus and coward netas.

We depend everyday on essential commodities with sky-high prices. We depend on the mercy of the domestic as well as cross border terrorists, and not on ‘our’ government for our safety.

Similarly, we all depend on the black marketers, profiteers, hoarders, goons, bootleggers, tax evaders, underworld and who not. And yes. Our citizens are completely dependent on all senseless, absolutely unpractical, ‘rona-dhona’ serials with ear piercing music and eye jarring photography. Under all such circumstances how can any ‘aam aadmi’ ever say that he is ‘independent?’

Hansraj Bhat
Borivali (W)

J & K Autonomy

The talk of autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir is nothing but a prelude to separation of the state. Already the Jammu and Kashmir state is enjoying special status under Article 370 of the Constitution.

In fact there is demand from a section of society for abrogation of the Article and treat the state on par with others.   It may not be feasible since it was a precondition in the instrument of accession. Political parties are divided over the issue. This has given a big handle to the secessionists to intensify their agitation demanding either total freedom to J & K or its accession to Pakistan.

The government of India must in no ambiguous terms declare to Pakistan that J & K is an integral part of India. For Pakistan talk means the modality of handing over J & K to it. This impression must be necessarily debunked.  

K V Seetharamaiah
Vidyanagara First Stage

Haunted by ghost

The Manmohan Singh Government has been haunted by the ghost of Bhopal Gas Tragedy ever since the meager compensation announced to the hapless victims. The opposition parties woke up from a slumber to realise Anderson had left India long ago. Unable to face the opposition the Congress first sent its spokesmen to defend the Gandhi family.

Not successful, they roped in Arjun Singh claiming to be a saint unparalleled initiating an enquiry committee on himself. He forgot to tell the Parliament that he also disbanded it! Pointing fingers at the then Home Minister PVN he has given a clean chit to Rajiv which he was expected to do. Now it’s the turn of Chidambaram to clear Rajiv's name and he has gone a step further, by holding Parliament and Judiciary too for this mess.

Sycophancy at its best! Barring the Vajpayee Government all the other Governments afterre either led by Congress or supported by Congress. Does Dr Manmohan Singh have the courage to rebutt Arjun Singh for his between the lines remarks on PVN without whom Dr Manmohan Singh would never have been the Prime Minister twice? Rajiv's we

Anil K N

CWG-Game of Wealth

Charges of rampant corruption have bruised our image so much that any amount of pomp & show during the commonwealth games would not be able to salvage our prestige. CWG is turning out to be uncommon game of making wealth by fast track through highly inflated contracts awarded to the highest bidders.

Now, it may not be possible to call off the mega event. Firework & balloons etc., or other extravaganza for the games should be cut down to bare minimum to reflect the agony of the people. Where national honour is concerned, buck does not stop at one man. Pray where was the Sports Ministry when OC was seen fumbling?

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh(Retd)


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