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Dancing with kali
lalita das
Niyogi Books, 2010, pp 292, Rs 295

An intricately woven saga of love, revenge and retribution. This book weaves in Hindu and Christian Philosophies, Goan and hippie cultures, the moralities  of Western urban gentry and the Indian rural structure the lucid narrative skillfully juxtaposes human emotions—tribulations with failures; empathy with apathy; vengeance with resurrection—celebrating the poise and strength of womanhood.

India divided
Dr Rajendra Prasad
Penguin, 2010, pp 566, Rs 499

This is an important historical document. Dr. Rajendra Prasad set out his opposition to the proposal for Partition which was to irrevocably alter the geographical profile of the subcontinent. It specifically examines the theory that the Hindus and Muslims of India were two nations, and concludes that the solution for the Hindu—Muslim issue should be sought in the formation of a secular state, with cultural autonomy for the different groups that make up the nation.

There is a winner in you
Dharmesh Jain
Macmillan, 2010, pp 132, Rs 425

This is a compilation of quotes from one of the finest motivators and businessmen of our time. This book is n honest attempt to make you explore your inner strengths, to instill in you an ambition to be the best. This is a book for anybody who wants the motivation and inspiration to achieve the dreams that they have.  

The Flaws in the Jewel
Roderick Matthews
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 312, Rs 350

Story of the British Raj which was a great myth factory and its minion knew this. This book shows how the British Raj was never able to overcome, or even properly to acknowledge, its many deficiencies. As a result, British rule developed into an uncomfortable amalgam of imperial economics, military autocracy and unfulfilled liberal aspirations.

Zero Dial
J Dey
Jaico Books, 2010, pp 202, Rs 250

Zero Dial is a book about the world of informers. The chase for India’s most wanted terrorist. The lives of three of the best informers of Mumbai Police collide in this shady underworld. A world of crime, sex, drugs, murder and betrayal. He who lies, lives to see the light if another day.... a day replete with even greater risks. From shady underworld dealings to switching gang loyalties, the men graduate to selling information on terrorism.

The thing about thugs
Tabish Khair
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 152, Rs195

Set in Victorian London, this story of different voices from different places draws intricate lines of connection from the 19th to the 21st century, between England and India, across individual and cultural differences. ‘Amir Ali leaves his village in Bihar to travel to London with an English captain, William Meadows, to whom he narrates the story of his life—the story of a murderous thug.

Secrets and Sins
Jaishree Misra
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 387, Rs 299

This is a novel about a passionate love story between Riva and Aman. Riva rejected Aman for reliable Ben who later became her husband. 15 years later they bump into each other in the Cannes film festival where they have to decide between choosing their heart or head. Would they break other’s heart in that process?

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