This artist 'whispers wonders'

This artist 'whispers wonders'

Vishwas Bhat in front of one of his paintings - ‘Monsoon Song’

Relying on the above lines, in an illustrious attempt to reach the people and convey them the thoughts through art, a young talent Vishwas M Bhat has come up with a series of amazing paintings to quench the thirst of the art lovers in Mangalore.

Vishwas Bhat’s first solo art exhibition ‘Whispering Wonders’ which was inaugurated recently at Orchid Art Gallery, reflects his deep love and passion towards nature. May it be the pleasing art with the theme - ‘Succoured by Nature’ or the exquisite painting ‘Beauty of Nature,’ may it be the drizzling ‘Monsoon Song’ or the painting with the theme - ‘Village and Town,’ each and every painting depicts his profound wish to pay tribute to the Mother Nature.  

Hailing from a small village of Kasargod, it was obvious for Vishwas Bhat to understand the intricacies of nature and develop an ardour towards it. “Being born and brought up in a village environment, amidst the greenery and scenic beauty of nature, it was quite natural for me to develop affection towards the nature which later took form of the painting. I have been trekking to a lot many places and it has enabled me to observe the natures composure to the maximum extent. That is where I draw the inspiration from,” reveals the painting talent Vishwas Bhat.

Vishwas developed an interest towards painting at an early age and one of the reasons for that was the family in which he was born, had an affection towards art. After his Pre-university education, Vishwas pursued a five years art course in Mahalasa School of Arts followed by a degree in Fine Arts from Srijana Fine Arts College, Dharwad.

Most of his paintings vividly describe the relationship between the nature and survival of human beings. In his paintings, we can observe the painter forecasting the adverse affect of environmental destruction on human beings. “I am not a pessimist who shows only the bad side of world, but I am an optimist who intends to inform people the significance of preserving nature and thereby I believe, they would do their bit in preserving our precious environment,” says Vishwas with all confidence of motivating people through his art.  Vishwas Bhat’s understanding of nature is clearly portrayed in the way he works on the canvas. Most of his paintings are acrylic in nature and are painted layer by layer providing visual treat to the viewer’s eyes. According to Vishwas, the rationale behind him using layer style is again the nature where everything is framed layer by layer. “I usually avoid direct colours and instead use dull and muddy colours in my painting as my art reflects the nature and I make it look as realistic as possible,” asserts the young artist Vishwas.

As the saying goes, there is no must in art because art is free, Vishwas has been doing all kind of experiments to bring out the best about nature in his paintings. The use of aesthetic subjects in his painting like the rain droplets, numerous tree branches, small huts give immense weightage to the paintings.

Vishwas Bhat who pursued painting as a profession in the year 2006 has participated in 17 group shows till date and now has the solo painting exhibition - ‘Whispering Wonders’ to his credit. Whispering Wonders as the name itself describes is all about a wonder called nature which whispers in the form of rain, wind and what not. A total of 23 art pieces by Vishwas are exhibited and are also sold in Orchid Art Gallery from August 6 to 16.

Apart from the first solo exhibition in Mangalore, Vishwas now has big plans to organise an exhibition in Chennai too.

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