Bangalore techie kills self in Hyderabad

Pradeep Gondkar, who had been working with IBM, Bangalore, arrived in Hyderabad in a morning flight from Bangalore. He went to a cyber café and sent off mails to the Bangalore police and his family saying he was ending his life and that nobody was responsible for his death. He then went to Sri Shyam Temple opposite the Kachiguda railway station, offered prayers and then consumed cyanide, the police said.

As he collapsed, temple officials rushed him to a hospital, but he was declared dead. In his e-mail, Pradeep said he was fed up with life and that he could not meet the expectations of his parents.

“No one is responsible for my death, I took this decision and no one influenced me. I am fed up with my life and am just eager to see what lies behind the curtain of death. I am not a coward. It is my decision to end my life in the way I have decided. Father, mother, I am sorry! I did not meet your expectations. Please, forgive me and I was not able to finish all my responsibilities..… I am really sorry I had to take this decision since I could not die daily, so once for all I want to put an end to this,” said the e-mail. The police took down phone numbers from Pradeep mobile phone and informed his family in Bangalore. After performing an autopsy, the body was handed over to his relatives.

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