'Kannada songs make me feel positive'

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'Kannada songs make me feel positive'

Sonu Nigam needs no introduction to music lovers. His musical saga in the Kannada film industry started ten years back with Snehaloka and now, he is on the peak of his popularity with some of the best Kannada songs under his belt.

What strikes the most about this hotshot singer is his boy next door charm and humility. He is what he looks — straight and innovative, in terms of both his profession and appearance.

In the City for the audio release ceremony of Pancharangi, the versatile singer was looking dashing in his black outfit sporting long curly hair. “I want to know how long it can grow so just checking my limits,” he joked guessing everyone’s curiosity about his hair. The versatile singer then spoke candidly with Metrolife about his tryst with Sandalwood.

As everyone knows, Sonu’s already-hit innings in the Kannada industry became even more successful with Mungaru Male, after which there has been no turning back. “I am really touched by the love showered on me by the people of Karnataka. I have had a successful career as a singer in Bollywood but this is simply amazing — to have a huge fan following in a different language,” says Sonu, who finds Kannada music more melodious than that of Bollywood.

“Whenever I sing Kannada songs, I feel positive vibrations in me. I cannot escape the lyrics, tunes and moods of the songs for a long time. Till date, when I sing Mungaru Maleye, I feel lost in some unknown feeling,” he adds.

He has such a huge demand in the industry that he has even recorded many of his tracks from the US. “There were some good offers so I had no choice. So, I recorded my portions of the songs through Skype’s video calling facility. I have done it a couple of times, when there were no options,” he quips as he goes down memory lane.

“During my initial days in the industry, I had no godfathers. It started with jingles, and went on to TV shows and movies. Whatever I am now is due to the will of the almighty.”

Though he has acted in a number of films right from his childhood, Sonu always knew singing was his true calling. “Acting in movies is cool but I love being a singer. For years, all I used to do was tour studios after studios, singing several songs a day and returning home tired. In the process, my self-respect grew and I decided to do only quality work.”

Had he not been a singer, what would he be? “Scientist,” he is quick to answer. “But now, I don’t have any regrets. It is true that I am not satisfied with the works I have been offered. However thanks to God, I am able to do my own things, the things I cherish.”

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