Morning musings

The Kukkarahalli lake and its environs have been the favourite haunt of the denizens of Mysore, looking for recreation and exercise for a long, long time and even find mention in the writings of such stalwarts of yesteryear as A N Murthy Rao and V Seetharamiah. I myself came to savour the delights of this ‘hallowed spot’ only recently, after moving to and settling in this heritage city.

The 3.6 km long walk-way around the lake, lined with trees on one side and tall reeds and  flowery shrubs, skirting the lake on the other. and a small wooded island in the middle of the lake, serving as a bird sanctuary, are part of this beautiful landscape, which attracts young and old alike, who make a bee-line for the place in the mornings for a leisurely or vigorous walk as the mood or the need dictates.

With the levels of health-consciousness rising these days, people of all age groups mainly look for exercise through a brisk walk of a morning but I personally feel that there is much more to it than mere physical exercise. Coming face to face with nature in the peaceful yet invigorating early morning hours can have a very a soothing and salutary effect on the stressed-out souls of the present-day hectic world.

Another great benefit in taking a walk in these sylvan surroundings is that you get ample scope for observation and reflection. You not only get to contemplate about life in general but to observe people around you. The infinite variety of human personality is truly fascinating to watch.

You also get a chance to look at yourself. Introspection can be very useful and corrective. I have some times found that, just at the moment you are thinking that your walking speed is not at all bad for your age and patting yourself on the back, some one in your age group overtakes you and easily outstrips you. This certainly brings down your ego a peg or two, which is good for the soul.

People generally like to walk in groups but I prefer to tread alone. Frankly speaking, I do not find the company of my peers very enjoyable, the conversation generally tending to centre around national or state politics or endless geriatric complaints, all of which bore me no end. I would rather have a young companion, preferably a young lady. (I can see that sardonic smile on your face.

No, it is not what you think. You do not have a fossilised Lothario here). I simply mean that contact with fresh young minds can do a world of good to older people. Some of their infectious zest for life can rub off on you. With due apologies to young men, I say that a young woman is likely to be more sympathetic and more willing to listen to a senior’s tales.

Being left to yourself has its advantages too. The thought processes are likely to be stimulated, when you are alone. In fact the idea for this little piece germinated during just such a walk!

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