3G rollout to increase mobile internet providers

3G rollout to increase mobile internet providers

"Mobile phone customers with 3G subscriptions will be able to replace high cost ILD calls by making VOIP calls for as little as one-tenth to one-eighth of the cost with the introduction of the mobile VOIP applications by ITSP," said Sanjit Chatterjee, Director Global Marketing and Strategy, Reve Systems of Singapore.

To make cheap ILD calls over mobile VOIP, all a mobile phone user has to do is download the 100 kb application iTel mobile dialer developed by Reve Systems, the global pioneer in VOIP, says Chatterjee.

A typical voice call from an Indian mobile user’s phone can be made by dialling out a mobile or a fixed line number from the mobile phone book using REVE’s mobile Dialer.
The call travels over the data line of mobile service provider or Wifi network and terminates at caller’s desired phone using last mile connectivity of his service provider, say an AT&T in the USA or an Orange in Europe.

An ILD call to say a country like the USA would normally cost Rs 8-10 per minute can now be made using a Mobile VoIP service at just Rs 1 per minute or lower, he claimed.
Chatterjee claimed Reve has a customer base of 1200-plus ISPs in over 50 countries where 3G services are being offered currently and the 100 KB iTel Mobile Dialer has been downloaded in over 30 million mobile phones in 50 countries of the world.

Mobile VoIP is gaining ground globally, he claimed and said in October, 2009 AT&T in the US allowed its iPhone users to use iPhone VoIP application on its 3G network, responding to surging customer demand (earlier, iPhone users on AT&T network could use the mobile VoIP application only through Wifi connectivity).

"Reve’s mobile VoIP dialer is versatile, has easy user interface and built in tunnelling capability," he added. Reve’s iTel Mobile Dialer Express, is the category leader in Mobile VoIP, enables service providers to offer seamless Mobile VoIP experience to end users. iTel Mobile Dialer was named product of the year by Internet Telephony magazine in 2009.

Reve is also a a member of Symbian Foundation and part of iPhone, Blackberry developer community. The company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Bangladesh, India and the UK.

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