The Grim Reaper continues to take his toll

The Grim Reaper continues to take his toll

On Wednesday when the news of the deaths were reported, only two doctors were present at the hospital to attend to patients; however 10 medical officers were deputed from government hospitals to attend to the patients on Thursday.  When Deccan Herald reached the hospital, seven inmates were brought to the hospital in one ambulance and four patients were shifted to Victoria Hospital for additional treatment as they were in very serious condition. 

Samples of patients' stool was sent for examination to Public Health Institute to know the exact reason for infection, results of the test are expected on Friday.  In order to know the exact cause of the death, people who succumbed were taken to Victoria Hospital to conduct post mortem.

Dr Shanthakumar, duty doctor at the hospital, said that the patients from the Beggars’ Colony are severely malnourished and have low immunity. “A simple food poisoning can cause gastroenteritis which can even cost their life.  Moreover, they live in unhygienic conditions which does not allow them overcome their infection,” he said. 

He said that many patients who were brought here, suffered from co-morbid conditions where they were suffering from tuberculosis and other infectious diseases which made them to succumb very easily. Ideally these patients need ICU treatment now, which the Isolation Hospital does not have, he added.

Complaining about lack of helping hands, Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Thimma Reddy said that they need more attendants (ward boys) to help with all patients. “Although the Health Department has sent doctors to treat the patients, we need attendants to help us shift them inside the hospital. We need someone to clean these patients as they are constants passing stool or vomiting,” he said. 

However, some of the inmates who recovered from their infection at the hospital told Deccan Herald that they had eaten bisi bele bath and paayasa on Independence Day. “After we ate the meal on Independence Day, many fell sick and a few even died on the same day. It was only on Wednesday that more people died. We are always beaten and locked inside toilets and not given good food," said Ganesh, an inmate at the Isolation Hospital.

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