Have you come across these?

They were originally meant for the military, medical and sports industries. Soldiers required jackets that incorporated electronics; athletes and explorers needed insulating outfits and ‘mutable’ fabrics were invented for emergency services.

But now, these inventions have been successfully incorporated into fashion. So you have the following interesting innovations to look out for:
n ‘Communicating’ scarf and jacket with inbuilt microphones, earphones and camera for business travellers to connect to the internet, send emails, access files or watch a film.
n ‘Working late’ pillows designed by Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec which is basically an ordinary shirt, tie and sleeve that inflate into a pillow for a catnap!

n New York based designer Angel Chang is known for her ‘smart’ collections which include luminescent raincoats, ipod-incorporated outfits, chiffon dresses with prints that change colours with different temperatures, silk jackets with earphones in its hood etc.
n The ‘No Contact’ Jacket designed by Adam Whiton, MIT and Yolita Nugent of Advanced Research Apparel, offers women protection like none other. If an offender attempts to grab the wearer, it causes an electroshock!

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