This week's style o meter

This week's style o meter

This week's style o meter


 *Rocks: Rock crystal and sapphire earrings are this season’s ultimate new bling pieces.

 *Lion prints: As seen in the Chanel Cruise collection. Fierce.

 *Satchels: Love the new styling. Solid and fashionable. This is what we call sturdily sexy. 

Not Impulsive shopping

 *Jeggings: Jeans + leggings = another stupid hybrid word. Aren't they just skinnies?

 *Impulsive shopping: A feeling of contentment in the short term but bitter after-taste later.

 *Pale peach for men: No. This is not the same as men in pink. This is simply no.


Subtle charm
The Collective has introduced Armani Mania — a men’s fragrance belonging to the family of the woody citrus. The perfume’s top note has the spicy combination of tangerine and saffron with base notes of amber and musk. It is priced at                      Rs 4,200 for 100 ml.

Fuel your skin
Garnier has launched Garnier Men Powerlight, a range of male skin products. The range includes an intensive fairness moisturiser, an oil-control moisturiser and a fairness face wash. The intensive moisturiser and the oil-control moisturiser are priced at Rs 150 for 50 gm, while the face wash is Rs 125 for 100 gm.
Punch leather

Da Milano has launched a collection of Punch leather handbags and accessories for the season. Crafted from Punch Italian leather this collection comprises sophisticated and stylish handbags, portfolio bags, passport cases, wallets and belts. The collection is available in a range of colours and is priced between          Rs 3,995 and Rs 8,995.
Masala masti

Frito Lay India has introduced Lime 'n' Masala Masti flavour. The Lime 'n' Masala Masti flavour is made with the best quality potatoes and incorporates flavour as well as technology for taste and crispiness. The chips are priced at Rs 5 for 14 gm and Rs 10 for a 30 gm pack.