Kiwi Mills stopped from bowling after breach of law

Kiwi Mills stopped from bowling after breach of law

t is unlikely that New Zealand vice-captain Kyle Mills will ever forget Law 17.1 in a hurry, because it was the breach of that law which prevented him from bowling for 30 minutes during Sri Lanka’s innings on Friday evening.

Summoned for a second spell by Ross Taylor for the 39th over of the innings, Mills bowled a warm-up delivery that bounced on the match pitch in contravention of Law 17.1, forcing umpires Tyron Wijewardena and Asad Raud to step in and prevent him from bowling for 30 minutes.

Among other things, Law 17.1 states: “The use of the square for practice on any day of any match will be restricted to any netted practice area or bowling strips specifically prepared on the edge of the square for that purpose.”

Busy umpires
Mills was guilty of bowling on the match pitch not just on match day but as a warm-up delivery during the match, promptly attracting the busy umpiring duo’s censure.

“In hindsight, it’s funny, but it wasn’t funny then,” Kiwi skipper Ross Taylor told newsmen. “Kyle bowled a warm-up ball with BJ Watling coming in. I saw it land on the popping crease. Mills wasn’t aware of the rule.

“We had a similar situation in a warm-up game last year when Chris Martin did a similar thing. I am not sure where the rules say 30 minutes, but I think Chris was off for an hour. But I must say we were lucky.

“Obviously, Kyle being our best bowler and he could have only been able to bowl seven overs. But Kyle won’t do that again!” Taylor promised. Wonder what else is in store in a tournament where cricket alone hasn’t made news!

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