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Does ‘fitness on your own terms’ sound too good to be true? Wellness expert Namita Jain has made this possible with her unique and practical approach to fitness.
"It is really quite simple to stay fit. One does not need expensive equipment nor does one need to dedicate a huge amount of time," she explains with conviction. In a bid to translate this conviction into reality, Namita launched her own brand, ‘Jaldi Fit’, now a rapidly growing name in fitness products and services.

"Most of us know the importance of exercise, yet we seldom have the time and in some cases the resources to go to a gym. I developed ‘Jaldi Fit’ keeping such constraints in mind," Namita says.  
‘Jaldi Fit’ offers simple, yet effective 20-minute exercise routines for five days of the week. Using everyday household objects like water bottles, a bath towel, a mat or carpet and a chair within the comfort of one's home, ‘Jaldi Fit’ translates Namita's knowledge and expertise into uncomplicated exercises.
   "The exercises are programmed and designed with one objective ‘get fit and get fit fast’. With 20-minutes of resistance training Monday through Friday, you work all your different body parts effectively.”

The advantages of performing these exercises run the gamut. A fit and toned body, better posture, increased rate of metabolism, lower body fat, higher bone density and a relaxed mind are some of the benefits you can reap.    
Namita stresses that the exercises demonstrated in ‘Jaldi Fit’ are safe and can be performed by even pregnant women and those suffering from joint problems, asthma and high blood pressure. "A lot of painstaking research has gone into designing these exercises to ensure that it is suitable for all," she emphasizes..

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