Fast unto good health, weight loss


Fast unto good health, weight loss


That he cannot see, is something that you will notice about him if you are a first time visitor. Doubts could even plague your mind about the veracity of whatever he has been preaching so far, especially since it is about maintaining health. Basavananda Swamiji of Managundi in Dharwad district has helped more than 45,000 people attain better lives through fasting. But, if you have benefited from his advice, you know he has an inner eye, more powerful than that of what we mortals possess.

His mantra is simple. Fast for prescribed number of days with only food being water mixed with honey and lime, during such time. The fasting period may vary from person to person, depending upon the disorders one is suffering from, age, health condition as against weight and height. He provides consultation and advices people on the type of diet and period of fasting to be observed, all for free. Not even ‘nominal’ charges for gifting good health.

The Nataraja Kalyana Mantapa on Shankar Mutt road in Mysore was a busy place when he started his camp on August 18. While some youngsters sat recording details such as weight, BP and sugar levels, two groups of people chatted away to glory. One group was that of fast-enthusiasts who wanted to start fasting and discover the mysterious ‘healthy’ body hidden under sheathing of fat, while the other was that of triumphant participants who were hooked to fasting, after having discovered its glorious results.

In the conference hall, Basavananda Swamiji sat patiently listening to numerous health-seekers who came to ask him how could they rid themselves of numerous ailments they had hosted in their body, over the years; simply by giving in to the temptations of the tongue. ‘Fasting’ was his only answer, with only honey-lime laced water being consumed for food.

“Allopathy treats body like a machine with separate parts. A human being is turned into a machine with units. Holistic treatment is something that allopathy will never be able to adopt as an approach to treating people,” he says.

What about diabetics who have to abstain themselves from consuming sugary stuff? “People with higher levels of sugar will be given alternatives to honey-lime-water. Else, honey does no harm since it is something the nature produced for you. And anything created by nature, when used in moderation, can never do any harm,” he asserts.
 Assuring that this can help elevate the overall spirit of the people who follow this method at regular intervals, the swamiji says fasting can be undertaken starting from three to 21 days depending upon the severity of the problem. “After three days, your temptation for food begins to dwindle and you will learn to eat everything in moderation,” he reveals. Basavananda Swamiji is camping in the city till next month and is available for free consultation between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm everyday till September 7. Apart from consultation, he also delivers lectures between 6.30 pm and  8 pm every evening. Yoga sessions are held between 5.30 am and 7 am. For more details, contact Chetan 9449720260 / 9448100282.

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