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Super power? the amazing race between china’s hare and india’s tortoise
Raghav Bahl
Penguin, 2010, pp 242, Rs 699

For anyone looking to understand China and India and the ways in which these two nations are about to change the history of the world, this is the book to read.       China is spectacularly effective in building infrastructure. Meanwhile India is a classic example of a promising economy. Its a brilliant work which accounts the race to dominance between the two neighbours.

Tomorrow is one more day
G Nagarajan, translated by Abbie Ziffren with A Julie, edited by David Shulman and S Ramakrishan
Penguin, 2010, pp 99, Rs 199

This novella centres on one eventful day in the life of a small-scale operator, fit-it man, pimp and procurer, Kandan. It offers a reading of the seamy margins of society and explores time and temporality, human desire and the possibility of love in the harsh and often violent underworld of a small town in Tamil Nadu. The translations from originl Tamil version and the insightful introduction by David Shulman widens its readership.

let’s play !
Introduction by Harsha Bhogle
Penguin, 2010, pp 182, Rs 175

Hockey, TT, cricket, golf, basketball; winners, losers, underdogs, bullies, heroes and cheats all of them feature in this book. Funny, uplifting and moving, this unique collection vividly portrays the heatbreaks and triumphs that are an essential part of playing sports and is an absolute must-read. Get ready for some fabulous fun with these action-packed stories from the sports field.

Some hindustani musicians
Ashok Da Ranade
Promilla & Co and Bibliophile South Asia,2010,
pp 388, Rs 750

Today Indian Music has won a place of pride in the global musical heritage. Hindustani classical music and its vocal stream have been major influences in creating the larger Indian musical tradition. Music being a performing art lives in performance. These performances are realised through performing ideas and their exploration by artist’s work. Dr. Ranade has attempted to identify and analyse 19 major artists’ performing ideas as they became accessible to him in mehfils, recordings or teaching sessions.

The management masterclass
Emma De Vita
Hachette India, 2010, pp 190, Rs 199

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the most up-to-date business practice around, you need to read this book. It gives you a practical, no-nonsense advice, delivered in a way that will help you climb the greasy pole, support others as you ascend and have fun on the way up. There are five sections given to ponder about management in this book.

Rajorshi Chakraborti
Tranquebar, 2010, pp 198, Rs 200

A road-novel, an odd couple-comedy, a funny story about love on a wild goose chase of  two men Dev a young British Asian writer and Rodrigo for whom Dev’s ex-girlfriend Heidi left him. Two men thrown together, who could not be more different, but want the same woman equally badly. They will risk everything to reach her. This is their story of adventures halfway round the world.

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