Beef ban hounds police dogs

Steaks at stake

Beef ban hounds police dogs

One. The Government which promised a hike in food allowance from Rs 70 to 177 a day in its budget has pared it down to Rs 150 day. Two and worse. The canine cops are going lose their favourite staple, beef, thanks to the Government’s aversion to cattle meat.

Handlers feed one kg beef daily to each dog, besides milk, egg, rice and vegetables, to keep them strong, healthy and alert. The squad comprises 143 dogs across the State. The squad in Bangalore comprises 50 canines, and almost every district has a team with at least four dogs. The squad has three breeds, German Shepherd, Labrador and Doberman.

The dogs sniff and track for clues in terrorist-threat scenarios, crimes and narcotics. They work for nearly 15 hours a day as they are also used to sanitise VVIP visit locations. Given their work load they need adequate quantities of nutritious food.

Food allowance

With the food allowance of Rs 70 till recently, the dogs were fed half a kg of meat, 200 gm rice and 100 gm vegetables. This was hardly enough for these hard-working dogs. It was only recently the Government hiked the allowance to Rs 150, enabling the quadrupeds to have one kg meat, half a litre milk, an egg, 250 gm rice, 250 gm vegetables and 10 ml calcium syrup every day.

“When the prices of these commodities skyrocket, it is difficult to provide them with adequate food. We will be forced to cut the quantity as the ration has to be within the budget, even through given their work load, the dogs have to be nourished well,” officials said.

Police are now worried about the alternative food to their quadruped colleagues if the proposed ban on slaughter of cattle comes into effect. The cow slaughter ban bill, passed by the Legislative Assembly, is presently pending before the President of India Pratibha Patil for her assent.

Cheapest meat

“Beef is the cheapest meat. The department has a limited budget as far as feeding these dogs are concerned,” official sources said.

If beef is banned, the department will have to seek the Government’s approval to feed the dogs with some other meat.  Besides approving alternative meat, the Government has to increase the allowance amount also as any other meat, other than beef is costly.
Else, the dogs will again face the cut in their ration.

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