Of Adil Shahis and their summer retreat

One has to look at the Adil Shahi architecture in Bijapur to realise how they ensured that homes stayed cool, in spite of the searing heat outside.

Their palaces were dotted with tanks, fountains and gardens, all to ensure that temperature levels stayed at tolerable limits. Take the Kumatagi tank for example. It was a resort that the Adil Shahis built. The ground floor of the building had layers of walls, in one of which were installed pipes that ensured water flow. This meant the whole building remained cool, even in summer.

Kumatagi tank, which is 10 kms away from Bijapur on the Sindhagi road, is known as the summer palace, and its architecture beat even modern-day resorts.The summer palace was built during the 1627-1656 AD period, during the time of Mohammad Adil Shah.
Kumatagi is a hamlet in Bijapur district, and the two-storeyed summer palace is on the outskirts of the village.

It has been ensured that water flows around the building, lending that sense of tranquility during summer. The walls of the building are embellished with beautiful paintings.

The paintings depict many aspects of life in those times, such as scenes of royalty, with the king and his bevy of ministers, scenes where hunters are setting out on an expedition, bows and arrows in tow. There are other paintings that depict elephants, musicians and dancers too, and enhance the beauty of the summer palace. Even the bath area in the resort is built in the most contemporary styles. There are even showers installed that can spew warm or cold water, depending on the temperature outside.
There are towers all around the palace. Towards the southern side of the palace are ruins of old buildings. The Archaeology Department has taken up repairs of the tank, and has even built a small park here. The area near the entrance to the palace, which is in the middle of the tank can be utilised for boating. The summer palace will then be a big tourist draw.

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