Stop fretting, start studying!


Stop fretting, start studying!

Dear Madam,

I am 14 years old and I’m studying in Class 9. Till Class 8, I studied under the CBSE syllabus and then moved to ICSE stream. My aim is to study Electronics & Computers at IIT. I want to top the 10th and 12th board exams. Please guide me.


Dear Dheeraj,

You have two ambitions:
–To do engineering in an IIT
–To top the board exams in 10th and 12th
Let us start with the second ambition. Please answer these questions:

–Why is it so important to you that you top both the board exams?
–Which do you think is more important: to do your best while enjoying the learning process or to concentrate on being the topper?

Do you realise how much pressure and stress you will put yourself under as all the time your reason for studying will be to top the board exams. If you do top then that will be great, but if you don’t, then how are you going to feel? If you read the papers, you would have noticed that Kapil Sibal has already stopped marks for the CBSE boards, instead the students get grades. To what purpose has he done this?  It is to take away the pressure from performance, stop the comparisons, the one-upmanship, the petty jealousy, and the teasing and bullying. The message is loud and clear to concentrate on doing one’s best, not just in academics but also for all-round development. Have you also noticed that you never see the names of toppers of the ICSE or ISC board exam in the papers? Individual schools do announce their toppers but the board doesn’t. So, young man, I would suggest that you put your best foot forward and work hard, do your very best and then you will enjoy the fruits of your labour.

And now let us move to your first ambition; i.e. to do Engineering in an IIT.
For this, you have to do very well in your 12th board exam as well as in the entrance test.

A few tips:

– Make a timetable that is possible to follow
– Do daily studies and practice a lot
– Use the right studying methods to suit your style of learning
– Keep time for physical activity, sleep and relaxation
– Eat a balanced diet to provide you with the right nutrition

If you plan to attend a coaching class, then you will have to find a balance between schoolwork and coaching work. All the best.

Dear Madam,

I could not attend regular college and therefore elected to do a degree by correspondence. This year I am doing third year BA by correspondence from Bangalore University. My doubt is whether this degree is valid for state and central government jobs. Will I be able to enroll for an MBA programme in a regular college? If I can join, then what are the requirements and what exams should I take for admission to MBA?


Dear EY,

There is a very small percentage of people in India who have the privilege of being able to attend regular college. It is admirable that you did not stop studying and instead opted for a correspondence course. For a degree by correspondence to be valid, it is important that the university, which is offering the correspondence course, is recognised. Bangalore University is a recognised university and you should have no fears as to the validity of your degree.

Having said that, many people who take up correspondence courses do it for the qualification. Please ensure that you not only acquire the qualification but the knowledge as well. Do not do selective studying. Try your best to go through the entire course and absorb it.

With your degree you will be able to do an MBA. To do an MBA you need a graduate degree, which you will have. There are many entrance exams being conducted for MBA. You will have to choose the entrance tests where you have some chance of doing well. Please keep in mind that the tests do test your numerical and analytical skills through a section in Maths. If you do get through the tests, most colleges have a Group Discussion and an Interview before a final selection is made. Please do some research on your own to find out more information.

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