Ambitious project bogged down by red tape

Mahatma Gandhijis vision of Grama Rajya can be achieved through it

The Suvarna Gramodaya Scheme is an example. The Government’s ambitious project is aimed at improving the conditions of village communities. For the last four years, crores of rupees are being spent under the scheme.
Nothing has changed in terms of development nor progress is evident in any of the chosen villages.

In 2006-2007, total 11 villages in Bangarpet taluk were chosen under the Scheme. An amount of Rs 1.65 crore has been spent in Kaarahalli, Murgal, Sulikunte, Mugulabele, Hunasanahalli, Boodhikote, Hudukula, Kamasamudra, Balamande, Sundarapalya and Kyasamballi villages, under the project.

The Technical Section of the Zilla Panchayat has spent an amount of Rs 1.21 crore for the construction of roads, drainage system, Samudaya Bhavan, Anganwadi buildings, purchase of lands for the destitutes, Bhagya Jyothi connections, etc.
A sum of Rs 7.63 lakh has been spent by the Ratna Trust to create awareness among the villagers and a sum of Rs 38.66 lakh has been spent to provide training in computers.

Plans infinite
Apart from these, there are several other ambitious plans chalked out under the scheme. The scheme aims at chosing medium-sized villages with around 700 families residing there. It aims to provide quality life in an upgraded environment.

It plans to increase the capacity of land-based activities which play a key role in increasing the income of the villagers and also aims to offer fundamental human resources development including education, health services, children’s welfare, etc.
Creation of employment opportunities to non-agriculturists, supporting community awareness through self help groups and cultural associations and organisations.
Providing water, hygiene, electricity, offering connectivity through roads, proper drainage facilities to ensure that the sewage was let out of the villages, construction of new village layouts in 10-acres of land, construction of houses under various housing schemes, separate community sites to dump waste, etc.

Also, the scheme aims at providing toilet facilities in houses, schools, anganwadi centres, providing drinking water facility, land development, water management through construction of check dams, watershed development.
There are also plans for horticulture development by cultivating annual crops like mango, chickoo, cashewnut, coconut, pommogranate, etc and also encouraging agriculture forest by growing honge and jatropha, bena, etc, medical sevices including hospitals, techinical aid and other facilities required for promoting sericulture, etc.

Grant allocation
It is estimated that all such activities under the rural development projects required Rs 3.25 crore. And for this, each village will be given a special grants of Rs one crore. Thus an amount of Rs 6.30 crore will be given for the progress of each village.
About 60 per cent of the grants will be earmarked for the construction of roads, drainage, 15 per cent will allotted for the construction of Samudaya Bhavan, 10 per cent for the construction of anganwadi buildings, six per cent for computer training, one per cent for awareness programmes, seven per cent for the purchase of land and one per cent will be spent for the Bhagyajyothi connections.

In 2008-2009, Ghattakamadenahalli, Badamakanahalli, Vatrakunte, Sanganahalli, Kodigepalli, Vengasandra, Doddavalagamadi, Doddachinnahalli, Jakkarasanakuppa, Kammasandra, Magondi, Hangala, Chinchandlahalli, A Vothagapalli, Ramasagara, Rayasandra, Ghattamadamangala, Koluru and Talapalli were the villages chosen.
This time, the following Trusts and organisations have been entrusted to provide computer training and creating awareness in the villages.
Ratna Trust of Kaaramangala, Mahila Samaj of Ghattakamadenahalli, Mahila Abhivruddhi Sangha of Urigampet, Annapurneshwari Voluntary Service Centre of Maragal and Suryodaya Rural Development Institute of Pichchalli.

Going by the mind-blowing aims and targets the Suvarna Gramodaya Scheme promises to achieve, probably Mahatma Gandhiji’s vision of Grama Rajya will soon become a reality.

Stark reality
But, unfortunately, the reality is something else. Lack of commitment, interest and dedication among the bureaucracy has plagued the successful implementation of the Scheme. The ambitious project has thus lost all its purpose.
Atleast now the authorities concerned should think about setting things right. Even now, the dream of Grama Rajya can be achieved, but with a little more serious efforts, says Zilla Panchayat member Ramachandra.
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