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MPs salary hike

It is astonishing to read about the three hundred percent hike in salary of MPs and the Lok Sabha quietly passing the bill. What is the extraordinary work these members are doing to their constituencies?  Most of them are either absent during the sessions or sleep without a care in the world in the parliament hall. Sometimes they even indulge in fist fights. There is absolutely no justification for this hike and the tax-payers' money is being simply looted systematically in the guise of hikes. There should be some accountability for spending money by the Govt. This kind of wasting money on totally unproductive purpose must be
stopped at all costs.

Deshmukh Raghavendra Rao
Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Laudable effort

It is very much laudable that Pejawar Swami has reached out to dalits to bridge the wide gap between the upper castes and the untouchables by visiting them in their colony in person. Any social reform, for that matter, should begin from within.

 Even after hundreds of years, Kanakadasa symbolically stands outside the Krishna temple in Udupi! A real sense of equality comes only when dalits are welcomed into the temple with open arms with common sharing of meals in one place. The sacred thread reserved for the upper caste should become common. This was boldly carried out by Brahmin Basavanna nearly a millennium ago to begin the greatest social reform in the history of Karnataka!

Therefore, the highly respected seer has miles to go; nevertheless, he has taken the first step in the right direction to dismantle the caste compartmentalization and rigid regimentation!

Maralur, Tumkur

Bad behaviour

This refers to ‘Students hurl eggs, tomatoes at Montek’ (DH Aug 29).  It has become a fashion for the disgruntled individuals and outfits to throw whatever they can lay their hands on, at whoever they consider unhelpful.  For the spiraling of prices of essential commodities, Planning Commission Deputy Chairman is neither directly nor indirectly responsible. By hurling eggs and tomatoes, the student outfit has shown disrespect to a top executive. Even protests can be held peacefully.


Deserves more

This refers to "Mega event to honour Sir M V's memory" (DH, Aug 29). Instead of releasing only a commemorative postal cover, the State Govt must ask the Centre to release a special postage stamp and a commemorative coin in honour of the great engineer-statesman. Sir M V became the first man to be honoured with an Indian postage stamp on 15.9.1960 to mark his birh centenary. Many Indian recipients of Bharata Ratna have been honoured with more than one postage stamp. Sir M V rightly deserves to be honoured with another postage stamp.


Tab on unethical practices
The Government's decision to introduce tribunals in higher education institutions is a welcome move. There are many unprofessional practices going on in private institutions which cause suffering to students and employees alike. Hope the tribunals address all these issues.

Supriya Dasgupta


Setting a smooth sail

It is amazing the extent to which the government would go to please the American business interests. It has tampered with some of the provisions in the Nuclear Liability Bill to placate the suppliers after the parliamentary standing committee cleared the draft. This is gross contempt of the parliament for which alone this government should be indicted in strongest possible terms. Now, when it is facing the threat of the entire opposition voting down the bill , this government is shamelessly agreeing to do anything the opposition parties demand in return for their support. The Government should have shown the same urgency in solving other issues like inflation and the Maoists menace.

Subramanian Venkataraman



Unfortunate remark


The remarks of Hyderabad Congress MP, Hanumanta Rao that ‘those who read the Bible are unfit and useless for politics’,was very unfortunate. Such remarks can break the unity and oneness of the nation.  

Cajetan Peter D’Souza


Need consistency

This refers  to ‘Communal Thread’(DH Aug 24). The report speaks of posters being pasted calling for "holding meetings", "protest demonstrations" and "appealing to Muslims to fight the forces behind the blasts at Mecca Masjid, Ajmer and Malegaon." Well, frankly speaking it's still a democratic country and everyone has the right to protest against atrocities being perpetrated against his community. And that holds equally good for both Islamic and Hindutva terrorism.
The Ahmedabad blasts, Surat unexploded bombs, Jaipur blasts and Batla House encounter cases are still shrouded in mystery with inconsistent and sometimes even contradictory reports from intelligence agencies and the police.  One recalls that in the Hyderabad, Ajmer, Malegaon etc cases the very same intelligence agencies had earlier blamed all Islamic terrorist groups under the sun. And it was faithfully reported in most sections of media.

A great deal of circumspection is called for with regard to planted news. Verbatim copying without verifying the facts on ground can cause immeasurable harm.

Suresh Bhat Bakrabail


English lessons

This refers to ‘Delhi cabbies to get English lessons’ (DH Aug 24).  The Commonwealth Games (CWG) organising committee’s  attempt to impart basics in English, etiquette and politeness among the car drivers and the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) crew is a move in the right direction.  However, this should not be confined only to foreign dignitaries, athletes and visitors.

It should be extended to other metropolitan cities even to cater to the needs of people who are not conversant with the local lingo. Language should not be become a barrier for the visitors.



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