Humble: Roshni Chopra Thankful to her well-wishers

When celebrities win a reality show, it is usually the end of a phase for them and they move on with their lives, but there are a few who make it a point to show their gratefulness, to the people because of whom they won.

One such celebrity is Roshni Chopra, who visited Sialba Majri, a town where she stayed for 40 days during the reality show Desi Girls, just a few days back.

She went there to thank all the villagers, especially the family she stayed with. She spent some time with them and was extremely grateful to them for sincerely voting for her and believing in the fact that she deserved the win. When contacted, she said there is no feeling like love in the world and that the villagers have actually captured her heart and she would not like to leave them.

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