Making goodbyes special

Making goodbyes special

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Making goodbyes special

Best friends leaving the country can be an emotional moment for many.

In this age of globalisation, everyone travels away from home, either for studies or work, and in the course of time, makes friends almost everywhere.

But in spite of them moving away, there are always some who hold a special place in your heart. And the thought of not being able to call them at any time because of silly reasons like time difference is not pleasant.

Every year, many young students travel abroad for studies or work. Metrolife finds out as to what their friends do to make the goodbye special.

Many believe that once out of the country, you bid goodbye to a friend for quite a few years.

“More often than not, after studying abroad, everyone works there for a few years before even thinking of returning,” says Parul, an IT professional. “So it becomes an even more important event,” she adds.

And the emotional impact is definitely much high too. “You just can’t believe sometime like that is going to happen. That your best friend is just not going be around anymore,” says Rahul, a student. It definitely is a different experience because it’s not like you’ll see them every few months when you visit home from the City you are working.

“None of my close friends are living in the same city as I am but when someone leaves the country, it is definitely not the same,” says Simmi, a student.

And these moments are marked by lot of get-togethers. “I took leave from work for a few days the week that my friend was leaving. She and I met up many times before she left but till the last moment, I didn’t really believe that she was going to go away,” says Parul. While not everyone is able to take a midnight airport trip to see off, there are a variety of things that people do. “When my best friend left for the United States, I, along with my gang of friends, made a power-point presentation for the guy. And each one of us personalised a few slides with their own memories, also wishing him the best for the future,” says Gaurav, a student.

“I made my best friend a small movie which was a combination of our photographs from childhood till now,” says Simmi. After all, in the end, it’s the moments that make a friendship so special.

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