No more squabbles...

Sibling Behaviour

It is said that even if you’re successful at reducing conflict, you'll probably be left with little positive interaction between siblings.

Parents want their kids to be able to talk with each other, have fun together, and be a source of support for each other during stressful times.

Here are some ways parents can support these positive changes in their own families.

*Help your children see things from their sibling’s perspective and to respect other people’s points of view.       

*Teach them to identify and manage their emotions and behaviours when they’re in challenging situations.

*Teach your kids not to assume the worst about their siblings or anyone else’s intentions.

*Show them that conflict is a problem that can be solved and teach them how to do it.

*Try to meet each child’s unique needs without showing favouritism.

*Teach them to use their unique knowledge of each other to strengthen their bond rather than taking advantage of each other’s weaknesses.

*Promote play, conversation, mutual interests, and fun.

*Praise your kids when they help, support, and cooperate with each other.

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