Glorious strains of music

Devotional songs

Glorious strains of music

 St John's High School choir.

Even heavy, incessant rains and news of trees falling in several parts of the City didn’t deter music lovers from going to the Festival of Harmony, organised by the Glorious choir, every year.

The hall was packed and people were heard asking for extra passes.  
Last weekend saw several school, college, church choirs and a few independent choirs from across the country perform at the event.

Most choirs sang popular Christian hymns, African spirituals and a few pieces were sung in a cappella.

The more popular songs were tuned and sung in a different style. And some others groups sung pieces that were composed by them.

Most school and college choirs also had their band of choreographers swaying to their tunes.  Each of the performances was in contemporary style. None were too dull and boring.

The first day had all the school, college and a few independent choirs. Day two had the churches and a few more independent groups perform. 

The Jyoti Nivas College choir, conducted by Swetha, sung most of their songs in contemporary style.

They began with He’s the Rock, In the light by D C Talk and the last number was, That’s what love Is by David Phelps.

“The first piece was a four-part harmony. The second and the third pieces were actually solo numbers that were converted to a four-part harmony by me,” says Swetha, the conductor and adds, “I’ve no formal training in music but I blend various tunes that sound good to me and make music from it.”

The Inventure Academy Choir conducted by Salome Rao sang Instruments of Peace We go together and Rockin Robin.

The choreographers were drawn from among the choir. “We made sure we picked some upbeat lively numbers where the students could sing and dance,” says Salome Rao. 

The Ryan International School was represented by Beril John, who sang three gospel songs.

They sang all the pieces in its original tune. The Bethany High School led by Miriam Andrews sang Reach, Seasons of Love, The Reason that I am standing was performed
accompanied by choreography by the students themselves.

The Christ University choir, St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore Mizo Christian Fellowship choir and the Glorious were a few of the other choirs that performed during the festival.

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