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Anand Fiasco a blot on nation's officials

Your main editorial condemining the bungling by HRD Ministry in Chess Champion Anand's case is quite appropriate.As brought out in the editorial, it is the University

which is honoured by honouring the great champion who brought many laurels to the nation. Anand showed his dignity by just ignoring the callous attitude of Government officials. It is quite appropriate to award Bharat Ratna for him as his achievements in the Chess world are something unique.    



Development mantra a farce 

Shri.B.S.Yedyurappa, the Chief Minister of Karnataka and most of his cabinet colleagues have been talking of the 'development mantra' for almost two years now. The common man on the streets however, has not seen the effect of this 'development mantra'.

Going by the number of potholes in the city, it is indeed a big shame that politicians try to hoodwink and cheat the public in the name of development.

The politicians are completely unaware of the travails the common man faces in commuting. It is only when they themselves face these hardships would they realize the anguish and frustration of the public.

M.V Nahusharaj


Scamsters mocking the Indian Legal System

This is with reference to Raju appears before court appearing in DH dated 27th Aug 2010.

Scamsters like Ramalinga Raju are making a mockery of the Indian laws. Like a seasoned politician, he declared himself ill and got admitted just before his arrest only to carry on his nefarious activities from 5 star hospital beds. Upon getting bail he was soon found to be in the pink of health. His counter part Bernard Madoff in United States who committed similar crimes around the same time has been sentenced for a 150 year jail term. Are the authorities aware of this fact?

Deepak Chikramane


Who will judge the judges now?

It was shocking to read about judges copying in exams in Andhra Pradesh. Such people should be immediately barred from judicial service to insulate it from further corruption. Judiciary is the only hope in this country for the common man. It is only the honest individuals that can inspire and take the nation forward. People who use dishonest means to reach their goals, as in this case, should be severely punished.  





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