Spiced up to tingle your taste buds

Spiced up to tingle your taste buds

A sk those foodies who love non-vegetarian delicacies about their favourite type and pat comes the expected reply — Andhra food. The impact of this spicy and fiery food combined with a cool soft drink is such that it leaves your lips burning, tongue stinging with spice, yet ye dil maange more!

Those descendents from Andhra Pradesh who have settled in city since decades and feeling home sick can satiate their craving for their native food easily as many restaurants in city are catering to those food lovers. Be it pappu koora or Gonkura pachadi popular among vegetarians or the most popular Andhra biriyani and kebabs you get everything typical Andhra style at these restaurants. One such restaurant famous for typical Andhra style food served on plantain leaves and a taste of rich Andhra tradition — is the RRR at Gandhi Square.

This restaurant which is been run successfully since several decades has a huge fan following which is evident with the steady inflow of customers to relish the spicy delicacies. Be it any time you can see people waiting patiently to find a place in the restaurant and don’t really mind it. In fact, it helps them work up an appetite inhaling aromas wafting through the air within the hotel.
While majority of them visiting the hotel opt for piping hot biriyani there are also people trying out vegetarian dishes.

A plantain leaf is spread to bring home the ‘nativity’ to the type of food to be served. Following the popularity, some restaurants even publicise that they offer food on plantain leaf.

A set of bowls containing the most famous tangy gonkura pachadi and avakkai along with the pappu pudi (similar to chutney powder) are placed on every table here and the very sight of these gets your salivary glands working and no one can even resist tasting them bit by bit.

There is a huge variety of non-vegetarian dishes to pamper your taste buds, making it literally difficult to choose. The piping hot biriyani whether it is chicken or mutton according to one’s preference tops the list and you have butter chicken, pepper chicken, ginger chicken, chicken kebabs, prawns, fish fry, mutton kebab, mutton gravy, liver curry, tandoori chicken, kheema and others on the menu card to choose from along with other dishes .

The restaurant is so popular and one can find tourist buses from other states too making a beeline in front of the hotel to enjoy the delicacies, and the locals themselves have to wait to find place inside the hotel and also outside for parking.

Speaking to City Herald, a customer Govindaraj who was relishing mutton biriyani along with his family said that it is their habit since years to visit the restaurant before the beginning of Shravana when they stop eating non-veg food for a month. They enjoy the delicacies so that the flavour stays in their memory for a month. They also try to visit the hotel after the end of Shravana, he says with a sheepish grin.

Ravishankar of RRR said that the distinct Andhra flavour attracts customers and continues to do so even after several years. Come what may there is no compromise on the quality, he said and added they see to it that the proportion of the spices and the flavour of the basmati rice and the soft cooked mutton or chicken pieces draws the young and old with same intensity.

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