Public welfare work adds to public woes

Drainage work turns Railway Station Road slushy and filthy

Public welfare work  adds to public woes

The road has shops and houses on either side. But stepping out, onto the road immediately ensures a thick mud-coat on one’s feet. Mud splashes all over the clothes when a two-wheeler passes by. During instances where the two-wheelers skid on the road and tumble, the driver gets a mud-bath.

The picture, ironically, is not one of a little village deprived of basic facilities, but of this City.

Residents, children and businessmen on this road are all wondering how to use it. People on the way to some work, and children on the way to school dread stepping on it. rain only aggravates the problem.

The drainage work was started one week back and mud was heaped in different places, on the roadside itself, making travel on the road difficult. Attempts to clear the road of the heaps were made only a couple of days ago.
The rains that poured on Tuesday and Wednesday, however, changed the condition of the road. The asphalted road now became an old-fashioned mud-road.

People worried
Parents complain that the drainage work and the consequent condition of the road have forced them to accompany their children to schools and bring them back home in the evening. This is a change in the routine, since the children could use the road easily before.

The residents also complain of the road being dug in several places. Muddy water is found stagnated. “We are worried that our children will fall, walking on this road, dirtying their clothes and also injuring themselves,” they add.
The road is the prime connection between the Shidlaghatta Circle and the Railway Station as well as the city shandy. Therefore, both drivers and pedestrians are praying for an early completion of the work on the road and a return of normal lifestyle.

Bad planning
The people say the project should have been planned taking all such work into consideration. Mud should have been heaped up in just one place instead of all along the road, at different points. Whenever work on some part of the road was completed, the road there should have been cleared immediately.
Care should also have been taken to build drains on either side of the road. Then, the administration could ensure that water does not stagnate on the road during rains, say residents.

The old drains are filled with mud now. “The drains already built should be cleared of the mud, helping all the rain water flow out easily,” they add.
The City Municipal Council has completed drainage work in most layouts in the City. More such work will be started in the near future.
The citizens hope that the Council will take such important matters into consideration while starting work in the other areas.
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