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Tele buzz

Living in the jungle

Secrets of the American Jungle discovers the lives of frogs, spiders and ants. The series takes the viewer to the astonishing world of these little creatures of the equatorial forest on the north-eastern coast of the South American continent in Guyana. Follow Philippe Gaucher who has been studying two different species of tree top frogs for the last ten years. The species Kunawalu Tree Frog and Metronome Frog live and reproduce in the branches of trees and feed their tadpoles by laying a second generation of eggs. Join Philippe as he has fitted many trees with ropes to climb and brings out the most interesting part of their explosive ovulation during which thousands of frogs copulate simultaneously. Catch the show on Animal Planet. The episode will be aired on August 31 at 10 pm.

Fighting styles

Some of the oldest fighting styles in martial arts are based on the animal kingdom's most effective fighters. The movements of the snake, the crane, the praying mantis, the monkey, and the tiger have inspired kung fu masters for hundreds of years - but how do humans really stack up to their animal counterparts? Fight Science will bring a menagerie of nature's best athletes into the lab, to determine if a martial arts master can really fight like an animal. Catch the show on National Geographic, tonight at 8 pm.

Flying innovations

Crashes that Changed Flying on Discovery Channel takes viewers through some of the world’s worst air accidents and the measures taken to make flying one of the most safest forms of travel. Ripped fuselages and exploding fuel tanks have inspired the technological breakthroughs to keep the flight safe. From the crash of Delta flight 191, which has led to the development of an onboard warning system, to the Concorde crash in Paris which inspired the design of burst-proof tyres. Witness these unforgettable tragedies that helped engineers and scientists to come up with solutions to ensure that such accidents would not be repeated.

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