Chile exploring ways to keep trapped miners safe

Authorities providing them music players, iPods and projectors

Chile exploring ways to keep trapped miners safe

Carmen Bugueno with her grandchildren Krishna and Maifer, relatives of trapped miners Renan and Florencio Avalo, wait outside the collapsed San Jose mine in Copiapo, Chile, on  Saturday. APAccording to “The New York Post”, the authorities are figuring out ways to drop iPods or Sony music players and even tiny projectors, so that the miners can watch movies.
They have already sent small video cameras to make videos of their ordeal, as well as 33 tiny Bibles.

The trapped miners can amuse themselves with cards, dominoes, dice and a game called Ludo, the paper reports.

Chilean authorities have also advised them to exercise and stay fit and slim, so that they can eventually fit through the 35-inch-wide hole that will take them to freedom.

Geoff Workman, a 81-year-old man from Harrogate who spent 105 days living alone underground in a cave in 1963, said discipline and a daily routine are vital to ensure they come out in one psychological piece.

“I’m sure they are feeling disappointed... but they must stay disciplined: get up every day, wash, do their exercises, as this is what will help them mentally to survive those conditions,” he said.

NASA help sought

Chile has sought US space agency NASA’s help to provide nutritional and behavioural health support to the trapped 33 miners.

A four-person team, including two physicians and a psychologist, are planning to go to Chile next week, said Michael Duncan, NASA’s lead on the Chile effort.

NASA has a long history in dealing with isolated environments and thinks experiences in space and underground are not too different, said Duncan. “It’s an opportunity to us to bring the space-flight experience back down to the ground,” said Duncan.

Meanwhile, the 33 miners trapped inside a mine have been told for the first time that they could be stuck underground for as long as four months.

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