State to streamline land acquisition process

 The government, through its new Industrial policy 2009-2014, will identify and utilise government waste lands in different parts of the State for employment generating industrial activities.

Land acquisition has been a tedious process, and more than 18 manufacturing industry plans are on hold as the government has not able to give land required to set up Industries. Now the process is set to get streamlined, through inventory of surplus and unused land available with PSUs, State government, and suitable private land will be made to create a Land Bank. This will enable the State to offer ready to use land to investors.

According to the New Industrial policy 2009-14 necessary measures will be spelt out to ensure that only dry land and single crop land will be acquired for industrial purposes.
However, the industry feels that the implementation will be the key. However, lands were temples, crematoria, schools, playground and residential houses are located shall be excluded. The policy will also ensure an adequate Relief & Rehabilitation (R&R) package to the land owners whose land is acquired for development purpose. The policy will also have a provision to take the land owners as partner in the project by offering certain equity to them. Alternatively land owners will be offered adequate compensation based on the set guidelines. The industry is also concerned about the cost at which the land will come.

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