'Wanna be 18 till I die'

Young at heart

'Wanna be 18 till I die'

Ishtyle: Yudi

Fast cars, boxing, partying, at 33, it’s obvious that Yudi hasn't aged a bit, especially for someone who’s been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. His enthusiasm and zest for life would even put an 18-year-old to shame. Lately, he’s been keeping a low profile, apart from hosting his show The Great Indian Love Challenge on NDTV GoodTimes.

Probing deeper, we discover that Yudi has been hard at work, shooting for his forthcoming feature film. “The film is almost over, it’s in the post production stages. It’s called Chowky co-starring Sandhya Mridul. The film is by the first time director, Kitu Gosh, and is a supernatural thriller. It’s not a run of the mill story, it will definitely keep you on the edge.” Speaking about his character in the film, Yudi says, “I play a lover seeking revenge in the film.”

Apart from films, what else is he up to? “I love anchoring shows, and I am too much of a free spirit to be tied down to a long term project like a soap, you’ll never catch me in a 9-5 role. I am very selective as I want to do other things like scuba diving, travelling, I would love to go on a biking road trip.” A reality Roadies kind? “No way. I will do it purely for the thrill and challenge. I love to keep doing something new in life.”

And apparently that's how he keeps fit. “I am a total outdoor guy. I love running, biking and especially boxing.”

Speaking about his years in Bangalore, Yudi says nostalgically, “I was born in Bangalore, and for school I was shipped to a boarding school in Gujarat. I came back and that was when I started emceeing small gigs in the City.” He continues: “I was soon noticed and I auditioned as a Channel V VJ.”

Talking about the City during those years, he says, “It was brilliant back then, there were no deadline for nightlife, the old pubs in the City like ‘Black cadillac’ and ‘Pubworld’ were my favourite haunts, and I loved the afternoon jam sessions at ‘Knockout’. There was also less traffic in those days. But even though a lot has changed, it’s still one of the coolest cities.”

So if Yudi hadn't been in the entertainment industry, what would he have been? “A spiritual guru,” he says mischievously, or maybe a boxer, but I do practice meditation, it’s a great stress buster.”

Before signing off, we ask one last question. Having played Cupid in his show Great Indian Love Challenge, has Cupid struck him yet? Surprisingly, he says no. “I would love to meet that special person whom I could share my life with.”

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