Mobile phone users behave yourselves

In a directive to the service providers, the Department of Telecom (DoT) has put the onus on the telcos, saying: “In the interests of public and for proper conduct of the telegraph services, the licensor with immediate effect makes it obligatory on the part of all UAS and CMTS licensees to create awareness... for proper usage of mobile phones. And ensure supply of literature in English and regional languages prescribing mobile etiquette wherever a customer buys a mobile handset and a SIM card.”

The etiquette are standard rules, but for the first time the government has stepped in to issue them for the users.

The directive says in public places mobile phones should be switched off or kept in vibration or silence mode in accordance with instructions in places like hospitals, aircraft, trains, buses, places of worship, cinema halls or auditoriums. Mobiles should not be used while driving, it said. Also, they should not be used to click photographs of people without consent. Ringtones should be set at a lower level, it said.

A mobile operator said it was good that the government had issued the norms. But it is not just the responsibility of the service provider. The users should also use discretion.
It further said mobile phone users should not send requests to TV operators for scrolling their private SMSs on the TV screen.


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