Higher quality works assured in Madikeri

PWD Chief Engg inspects Makutta road works

 He said that since the Makutta road work is of substandard quality, these works will be replaced immediately after the monsoon subsides.

Inspecting the road works, despite heavy rains on Saturday, Mrithyunjay Swamy agreed that works have been of low quality at certain places and also took the department official to task for their negligence while the work was being executed.

He ordered the officials to remove some of the drains laid on 17km stretch of road where the works have been completed, complaining that the drains are  small and unscientific.
The road has been laid using grid stones for about 5 kms between Kakethodi in Makutta to Vatekolli near Perumbadi check post.

Further, the land has not been levelled before laying the road. He said that the soil in the region will be tested and wherever the soil is found to be weak, the road work will be started all over again.

“No scope will be given for low standard work. He said that associations like Rasthe Horata Samiti or any of such kind will be given opportunity to inspect the road and make suggestions in this regard,” Mrithyunjay Swamy informed.

He inspected the road till Kutupole bridge in Kodagu-Kerala border region. According to the blueprint, 5 feet border will be built on either side of the 16.5 ft wide road. Concrete roads will be laid at 13 curves on the road, he said.

The contract who had taken up the work was absent but Mrithyunjay Swamy took his representative to task and ordered the officials to issue notice to the contractor.

Mangalore division Chief Engineer Vaikunta Raju said that notice had been issued about a week ago.

PWD Kodagu division Executive Engineer Chandrashekar, Virajpet Division Assistant Engineer Sudhir Kumar, Makutta road management Assistant Engineer Rangaswamy, Yogish, Makutta Rasthe Horata Samiti President C K Prithvinath among others were present.

Prithvinath, meeting Mrithyunjay Swamy informed that some other contractor is doing the work in the name of the authorised contractor.

Makutta Rasthe Horata Samiti has sent a written complaint to the lokayukta and PWD Chief Engineer last week, about the poor quality work undertaken at Makutta road.
On this backdrop Mrithyundjay Swamy had held a visit to the region.

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