Forest dept likely to mar fame of reserve forest?

Illegal activities going on in the forest limits with help of officials

 There are large number of tigers dwelling in the forest. Unfortunately, certain illegal activities are going on reportedly with the support of Forest Department is likely to mar the fame of the reserve forest and throw the wildlife into dire straits.

The Forest Department, which has no experience in undertaking civil works has executed some of the worst civil works, the standard of which is quite evident at the first look itself. The residents of Jagara, Kolaga, Karanji, Kalavase, Ukkada and Kalenahalli villages say that the illegal activities have been going on right in front of the forest officials who pretend to be blind to these. The mud dumped on one side of the Thadabehalla bridge, built under DAP project has been washed away by the river. Recently the other end of the bridge too collapsed. The rest house built under the same project is also said to be of substandard quality and the repair works can be expected any time soon. No attention is being paid towards the ponds and lakes in the forest region and Thalebidarekere still awaits dredging. The culvert laid this year are completely different from the plan and it is found that only 2 pipes have been laid at places where 4 pipes should have been laid.

Muthodi reserve forest is said to be becoming a safe abode for activities like prostitution. Sources inform that alcohol, prostitution, dance and various other activities have been going on unabated in the forest and further more some officials themselves have been a part of these amusements.

Tiger conservation

It is found that only one watcher has been working at Kesuve, Hipla, Kasge region while two are deployed in Karanji camp. Earlier, there used to be 4 to 6 watchers deployed at these camps. Surprising though one or two daily wage watchers are deployed, the register speaks of having 6 watchers here. According to the government norms, daily wage watchers are to be paid Rs 3,800 per month but these watchers are receiving only Rs 2,200.


The villagers have said that Government funds are being wasted due to the unnecessary works being undertaken at Bhadra Reserve Forest. The Department has been fostering and nurturing illegal activities and hence it is time Government comes to rescue the reserve forest from such activities. They have demanded the government to transfer Muthodi Region Forest Conservator immediately.

Mohan, Subhash, Siddaramappa, Nagesh kumar and Naveen have written letters to the Prime Minister, President, Tiger Project Head, New Delhi, Central Forest Minister, State Forest Minister, Lokayukta, Governor, Chief Conservator of Forest, Chikmagalur Circle Conservator of Forest, Bhadra Wildlife Division Deputy Conservator of Forest.


Muthodi Range Conservator of Forest Shantharaj says that he has managed the region exceptionally well.  “Some people who have been jealous of me have stooped to the level of writing letters to the government. I have executed the work according to the terms of conditions of the Project proposal.

Watchers have been receiving their salary promptly, on time,” he clarified.

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