'Breathe Fresh' campaign

Homemakers spread awareness about pollution on roads

Instead, be patient and lend them an ear, for they are doing their best to keep a check on polluting vehicles and spreading the essence of 'Breathe Fresh'.

Deepta Belagur, a techie's wife from the City, as part of a community project - Landmark Education, has motivated dozens of homemakers in keeping a check on polluting vehicles. The group, during its free time, zeroes in on the polluting vehicles, stops them and advises the owners on pollution hazards.

On Sunday, Deepta and her associates swung into action on Marathalli ring road, talking to the BMTC drivers and conductors, autorickshaw, truck and BBMP lorry drivers.
Deepta told Deccan Herald: "Initially, they fumed at us. 'Who are you and why are you bothered?' But after a few minutes, a majority of them listened and  agreed to correct their mistake."

“Interestingly, the BMTC drivers and conductors are the best of the lot. They smile and  say, ‘the capacity of the vehicle is around 50 and most of the time it is overloaded. We are aware of the problem and often bring it to the notice of depot managers.”

"Many auto drivers have come forward and joined us in the campaign.' Breathe Fresh,' will become a reality when every citizen takes the initiative and checks polluting vehicles "  says Deepta.

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