Flamboyant movements on dance floor entice women

Researchers have concluded that men who show conspicuous movements like spot running, flailing arms or spinning were found the most attractive by women.

Conversely, if you just shuffle around or make subtle movements on the dance floor you will never catch their eye, reports the Telegraph.

"Dancing in the animal kingdom shows off health, fitness and skillfulness and it is the same on the dance floor," said Nick Neave, who led the study at the University of Northumbria in Britain.

"What it shows is strength, suppleness and creativity, all of which shows you are a good catch. It is showing off but it really works. What the dancer is saying is 'I am young, strong, healthy and fit'."

Blood samples taken after the experiment confirmed the theory; the best dancers were also the healthiest, according to the journal Royal Society Biology Letters.

The findings come out of study that aimed to see whether humans like animals use "peacocking" and "displaying" to attract a mate.

They filmed a group of men, between 18 to 35 years, dancing in the lab to a simple drum beat as if they were in a nightclub.

The images were then computerised and distinguishing features such as looks, weight and height digitally airbrushed from the dancers.

A group of women then watched the "avatars" in action -- without the music -- so they could rate their dancing without being prejudiced by physical attraction.

The results showed there were eight variables that made the difference between a "good" and "bad" dancer. These were the size of movement of the neck, torso, left shoulder and wrist, the variability of movement size of the neck, torso and left wrist and the speed of movement of the right knee.

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