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Paul Merton In India airs on September 9 at 10 pm on FOX History and Entertainment Channel.

Paul lands in Delhi, and immediately goes in search of some ‘help’ on how to survive the next eight weeks.

He enrolls in a finishing school and meets the formidable Pria Warwick.

Under her guidance, Paul is taught how to perfect his British accent with the help of some marbles and receives instruction on how to behave ‘correctly’ over the next two months.
After spending the afternoon getting instructions, Paul escapes, having realised that ‘elocution’ lessons are not going to help him on the kind of journey he wants to make.
Instead, he enlists the help of writer and journalist Ruchira Gupta, who wastes no time in taking Paul in hand.

Paul finds himself heading for another plane, right in the heart of the city suburbs, where he takes the flight of his life… without ever even leaving the ground, courtesy Mr Gupta and his Amazing Flying Machine. 

After ‘landing’ safely, Paul joins ‘the monkey squad’, a pair of very unusual civil servants who are employed to deal with the growing monkey menace in Delhi.

He follows one man and his fierce-faced langur as they rid the teeming city streets of the mischievous monkeys.

Building in confidence, Paul finally leaves the comfort of the capital behind him and heads into the desert of Rajasthan and a town called Bikaner, in search of a local hero called Bubbles — a man who saved the town from disaster.

Battle of the best 

MasterChef Australia — Season 2 airs every Tuesday to Thursday at 9 pm on Star World.  It’s been described as a television phenomenon, inspiring millions of Australian families to try their hand at mastering a culinary feast fit for a king. And now, the top rated MasterChef Australia is here to exhilarate and entertain like never before.

Thousands of budding cooks from around Australia applied for this second series for their chance to showcase their culinary skills.

The MasterChef dream is one where ordinary Australians can have their cake and the icing too. The judges are putting their own reputations on the line to mould the best chefs they can, but make no mistake, the pressure to achieve that dream can reach boiling point. 

In season two of MasterChef Australia, the challenges are bigger, the expectations higher and the competition more intense. From incredible challenges aboard a P&O cruise ship, to time-pressure challenges with mystery boxes filled with exotic ingredients, cooking challenges against world-renowned chefs, to tasks that will test their cooking creativity, this is an apprenticeship into the fiery world of cooking that certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted

Caught in dilemma

Watch Incautous on UTE World Movies on September 9 at 8.30 pm. In a flashback, Ernest, a young man, portrays his experiences in life — childhood in an orphanage, youthful smash-and-grab burglaries until his partner is caught, and then tutelage from Lefty, an aging swindler. After a few years of success, they are joined by Federico, a true artist who is best at his work.

Things go well until Pilar, a woman from Federico's past, re-enters his life with a proposal to con a golden goose — a swindle that will put them all on easy street.

A double-cross may be in the cards. 

Coming-of-age story 

WB presents December Boys on September 9 at 9 pm. Based on the acclaimed novel by Michael Noonan, December Boys stars Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe in a coming-of-age story about a group of four adolescent orphans — best friends all born in the same month.

While on holiday by the sea, they learn about a childless couple, who might adopt one of the lot.

 As the boys compete to become the “most adoptable”, tensions rise among them, severely testing their friendships in director Rod Hardy’s Australian drama.

Why is Mohit Malik upset?

Mohit Malik, who was seen in Sony’s Godh Bharai, is quite upset about the show going off air. The actor, who was seen in the show after a long time, had huge expectations from the show.  Says Mohit, “When I signed the show, I was quite thrilled because the character I was playing was very strong. My role was expected to get stronger with the coming episodes.”

But the actor isn’t complaining. “The show went off air because of low TRPs. I don’t blame the production house or the channel for it.

But it’s quite disheartening that the show went off air before my character could be properly shaped.”

But the actor doesn’t stop here. He promises that he will continue doing good work and entertain his fans to the maximum.

Must say we really appreciate your spirit Mohit — that’s the way to go.

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