'Specialists essential for planning infrastructure work'

'Specialists essential for planning infrastructure work'

10-member taskforce to give suggestions to improve quality

'Specialists essential for planning infrastructure work'

Retired Secretary of Water Resources Department, Y Umeshrao inspecting the exhibition at Gangothri Grounds in Mysore on Wednesday. Member-secretary of the Taskforce I Ravindranath, retired Secretary of WRD, L Basavaraju and others look on. DH PHOTO

He was speaking at the two-day exhibition and workshop organised by the Taskforce for Quality Assurance in Public Constructions at Senate Bhavan, in the city on Wednesday.

He said that precision and consistency are important factors to confirm the quality of construction. Just as materials like cement, sand and water are needed to construct a building, sincerity is also essential, he added.

Commenting on the state of broken bridges and low quality roads, he said that sometimes a doubt is created if the advancement of technology is increasing or decreasing the quality of work.

Member-secretary of the Taskforce, I Ravindranath observed that the state has temples built centuries ago which are still in good shape. However, despite the advancement of technology, why aren’t engineers doing the same quality of work? he questioned.

Ravindranath remarked that the construction taken up by government and private sector companies are being observed by people. On one hand the land army gets good reviews for buildings it has constructed, while on the other we hear about buildings that have collapsed even before it is dedicated. He stressed on the importance of quality construction. Chairman of the Taskforce, Dr C S Vishwanath said that the taskforce aims to upgrade the quality and knowledge base in engineering. He said that there are equally intelligent engineers in both private and government sectors. The basic engineering group in the state is very good, he said. But we need to take them in the right direction, he added.

He said that 10 member task force will give suggestions to improve the quality of work undertaken during the implementation of projects. Also, during the design phase itself suggestions will be given to engineers on the materials to be used, he added.