Letters to the Editor

Pakistan gets enormous funds from US, Europe and others, as appeasement, but Pakistan uses these funds to build its defence to irk Indians on the border. It is acceptable if these funds are used to get rid of Taliban and less concentrated on Indian cross-border terror influx. It is confounding on one side to witness blind support of the US and other western nations. For India, Pakistan is still a troublesome nation. Unfortunately, supported and aided by US and other western countries.   
AECS Layout 2nd stage

Focus on serious developments please!
This is with reference to 'Poor man's burger', appeared in DH dated 19JUN09. After the recent debacle in LS election, Shiv Sena wants to grab all the attention. This time they are hogging on the Indian burger (vada pav) in anticipation of the state assembly election, instead of focusing on the infrastructure developments. BMC run by Shiv Sena is yet to issue permit for Shiv Vada stalls- these stalls are still unauthorized. Poor man is uninterested in burgers, focus on developments.
Deepak Chikramane

Zardari is fooling the world
An international agency (MCA) has revealed that there are more than 45 terrorist training camps in Pakistan, most of them in POK. These camps are under the supervision of the ISI of Pakistan; the terrorists are financed, trained, armed, and sent in batches to intrude into India to carryout sabotage activities. This is nothing but proxy war indulged by Pakistan. Zardari is only fooling the world and in particular India by telling -'We would not allow Pak soil to be used for terror against India'. Let him demolish all the terrorists training camps first. India should be on the guard. Zardari cannot be trusted.

Display number plates in English also
Many vehicles in Bangalore do not have number plates in English (especially main Bannerghatta road), as per the rules of RTO. It is okay in case people want number plates in local language, but at least they should make sure that it is also displayed in a language as per the Traffic rules. How do a person file a complaint in case the vehicle is involved in Hit & Run case / Involved in Kidnapping / Involved in other Crimes, if he does not know the local language?
Vimal Lakhotia
Vasanth Nagar,

SSC useless to the 'aam aadmi'
Even though 'aam aadmi' have got the SSC (Strong Stable Centre), the same has been proved to be useless because it is unable to control domestic terrorism of the Maoists and Naxalites, Pakistan backed terrorism, and neither the rising prices of the essential commodities. The inflation rate of -1.61% is illusionary, which is the outcome of the smart bureaucracy in New Delhi. Surprisingly, the Harvard University degree holder and a great economist -Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is unable to control the inflation. The reduction in the deposit interest rates will bring no fruits to the 'aam aadmi'.
Hamsraj Bhat
Geetanjali Nagar
Borivli (W), Mumbai

Are your really proud of your husband, Mrs Ahuja?
It is shocking to see Mrs.Ahuja shielding her husband Shiney Ahuja despite his confessing to the crime. Any other woman in her place would have hanged her head in shame. Celebrity rapists are being defended by their ultra modern wives who think their husbands are very romantic and have done a brave act. This has become a trend in the celebrity class, who think they are very modern in their approach. Is Mrs. Ahuja really proud of her rapist husband?

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