Mozart's magically enchanted kicking and yowling babies !

Mozart's  magically enchanted kicking and yowling babies !

 Our Lady of Health Church in Khairatabad with its lovely 96 year old Adoration Chapel and awesome statue of  Mother Mary and Child When annoyed by plastic and false plants sneaking into more and more hotels and shops, and those dreadful fairness creams that lie their way into silly women's and even men's purses these days (just imagine the lovely books or even cars they could have bought with all that money wasted!) I often wonder what is wrong with beautiful black colour? And anti ageing creams with those 95 per cent offers are the oddest to bear - when we all know that often the greatest beauty lurks in the tender faces of the aged.
When I am ravaged by men sitting in women's seats on buses, with the slyest look on their faces, I have to sneak into sacred places filled with the eternal enchantment of the world. It begins to shyly seep out again from the curdled wells of withering and woes, the warts of wickedness that often clog our hearts.

I discovered one such healing place in Hyderabad -  Our Lady of Health Church in Khairatabad with its lovely 96 year old Adoration Chapel and two awesome statues of  Mother Mary and Child which can wash off the most poisoned boils from your soul as they remind us that real gold hides safely inside ancient caskets! The chapel was built by a Fr. Malberty in 1903 at a cost of Rs. 3500! It resembles the solemn Irish churches of 1847. The church has seven unusual stained glass windows.

And talking of ancient enchantment have you read a book called The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell? You will learn how music can heal you, enthrall you and make you more creative.

He tells us that music, and especially the music of Mozart, can improve our memory, strengthen our mind, help to cure 50 common conditions, and make our spirit soar and sing with happiness and power! There is now a CD available called The Mozart Effect - music for children which is being used around the world for its power to heal and improve learning. Vivaldi too can cast this spell on us.

 But especially Mozart's magic may ''warm up the brain" says one expert! You must read this book to learn about the enormous power that music has to empower us.

Scientific experiments have shown that fetuses preferred Mozart and Vivaldi to other composers in early and late pregnancy! But rock music ‘’drove most fetuses to distraction!” and they kicked violently!

Mothers and babies felt so much happier and healthier listening to Mozart and other lullabies that their hospital stay was reduced. Babies kicked and screamed much lesser and their stress levels were reduced almost magically.

Luckily, ancient ornamented places and people like Mozart bring back the peace and power stolen from us by life's darker corners. Hyderabad's many old churches teem with this old gold that never gets tarnished. Solemn, sacred beauty, and especially Mozart's serene music always keeps me  out of reach of life's trite and tiring twittering.

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