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Making adoption laws gender neutral
refers to the editorial published on September 9. The removal of gender bias in adoption laws has brought relief in the lives of single parents. There are countless women in India who have been deserted by their husbands. Till now the procedure for adoption by such single mothers was very complicated.

The new law has b
rought hope not only in the lives of single women, but it has also brought smile to many innocent children who can now be adopted and loved by  single parents irrespective of their gender.

Maria Laveena
r, Bangalore.

‘Terror has no colour’’

This is with reference to the article “Terror has no colour” dated September 9. I support the observation of the author that the Government has no business branding terrorism on the basis of religion or territory. The comment about Saffron Terror is highly deplorable, as such thoughtless comment could incite the Hindu groups to brand every act of terror carried out by JEM, LET etc as Muslim Terror.

It is fo
r the people in power to understand the intention behind every act of terror and to put in place necessary safeguards to prevent it from recurring.

pe , Bellary

A weak PM

This refers to your editorial 'Tired or retired?(DH 8th Sept')
Manmohan Singh  comes across as a helpless Prime Minister and this surely is not a good sign. Manmohan Singh's immense contribution as finance minister is recognized by one and all.


In the last six years, Manmohan Singh has gravely diluted the powers of a Prime Minister by allowing most of the political decisions to be taken by UPA chairperson,Sonia Gandhi. Unlike Indira Gandhi who came out of the clutches of her benefactors, the Syndicate, to assert herself, Singh has meekly remained in the political shadow of Sonia Gandhi.


Tackle H1N1 effectively

This refers to ‘Five Die of H1N1 in one week’(DH , Sept 7).It’s appalling to note that positive cases of the pandemic are increasing in the State and claiming people lives. H1N1 is a major epidemic outbreak and has been officially declared as such by WHO (World Health Organization). There is a need for general drug distribution, improved sanitation, and better animal husbandry management. Will our public authorities wake up and combat the flu menace?


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