Change attachment into detachment

The master answered, "I touched the woman and dropped the idea of touching at that very moment. You did not touch her but have been carrying the thought throughout the day that I have touched a woman. Who is more attached?"

One has to drop one's attachment and allow one's intelligence to flow. Many times we are a victim of our concepts and suffer. Our sufferings are self-made. Our concepts become more important than happiness. We create all sorts of imprisonments, boundaries… and they become our identity and false protection. We start living in such illusions, thereby creating a great delusion.

An old man on his deathbed got up and screamed, "Where is my watch?" He was dying but still attached to the unessential. He could not watch himself. Our bodies are being dragged to the grave while our illusions are dragging us nowhere.

Just learn to be happy. Learn to be a flower of joy. A flower gives fragrance unconditionally. Give happiness unconditionally. A flower is open and dances to the breeze. Can one be open and dance to the breeze of change? Let us be anchored in joy.

If one is not centred in happiness one will be sad. From sadness one starts thinking … such thinking will be polluted by sadness. It starts justifying itself and develops its own survival tactics. One starts logically proving why one is sad.

Logic acts like a drug that makes one get addicted to such thinking, and this binds one's thinking. Let us learn to be happy without reason, without logic. Only then will we be out of the trap of logic. If we win, we win; if we lose, we learn and therefore we win. Thus, we will always be a winner. A joy that is caused is bound to change into unhappiness. In most cases, when the cause vanishes, happiness too vanishes. Be happy without a cause. Let this be your mantra.

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